All Over The Walls

A documentary that follows Jacob Alexander as he pursues his dream of building an art gallery in the heart of downtown Minneapolis. Experience the many difficulties and meet the collection of characters Jacob encounters while attempting his ultimate creation.

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The Struggles of Starting a Gallery

In 2010, Blue Bridge Media contacted artist Jacob Alexander to document the creation of his most ambitious work yet: Karnak Gallery. Located in the heart of Downtown Minneapolis (mere blocks from the historic First Ave nightclub), the gallery was to serve as an artistic oasis in the midst of the bustling downtown nightlife. After nearly a year of planning, the gallery failed in only a few months. Lack of attendance, disorganization, and even sabotage doomed it nearly from the start.

What started off as process documentation, the documentary turned into a tale of the trials and tribulations of starting an art gallery in Minneapolis. This is just one story of the struggles of many galleries in the Twin Cities to share the same fate.


Featured at the 2011 Minneapolis/St.Paul International Film Festival

Winner of Best Documentary Feature at the 2011 Highway 61 Film Festival

Production funded through a successful Indiegogo campaign

Highway 61 Film Festival

Blue Bridge Media

The Players


Danielle Pebbles

Artist, model, curator, event coordinator


Jacob Alexander

Fine artist, body painter, brainchild of Karnak Gallery


Joe "Jorilla" Lipscomb

Fine artist, muralist, curator, member of Dim Media


Oni Sakti

Fine artist, musician, composer


Vince Tannehill

Engineer, investor, council


Jamez Smith

Poet, DJ, event coordinator


Joe "Jobot" Bartuski

DJ, producer, event coordinator


Albert Elmore

Musician, event coordinator, technical support


Trey Mews

Marketing, public relations, logistics